Different Types of Dog Breeds

American Kennel Club knows 150 different dog breeds. There are seven different groups that belong to the dog. Based on the origin of the dog race, one of the groups has been entrusted. Dog Names https://dognamesinfo.com Even if the dog does not fit into one of the seven, then there is another group. Below are seven different dog groups.

Are in the first game group. These dogs are designed to work with people who are hunting for birds. Labrador dogs in this group will fit. The lab can also be used to search and rescue along with a search dog.

The second group is a dog group. These dogs are designed to hunt their smell and their vision. This group includes the fastest pet whippet of its size. They can reach 35 km / h

Third, the executive group that follows St. Bernard. He has been known for centuries to defend in the Alps. Female dog names https://dognamesinfo.com Other dogs in this group are useful for hindering or protecting.

The fourth group is Terrier Group, which was first developed for Hunting Monkey. Australian Terrier, one of the smallest terriers, is from this group. They are designed to work together for the hunting of sheep or sheep who infiltrate with the Australian Pioneers.

The fifth group is a toy group that was developed as a companion. A Japanese chin is a good example. They want to play and show to be clean and tidy and spend a lot of time.

The sixth group is a non-sporting group, which does not represent the work for which they were originally developed. A good example would be American Eskimo Dog. These dogs were sometimes used in circus acts at the beginning of the centuries.

The seventh group is a crowded group that should be used while working with livestock. German Shepherd belongs to this group. They are not only useful for animal husbandry, they are also good partners for humans.

Originally, many dog ​​breeds were used for special purposes, e.g. For example, hunting, comrades, guards etc. Nowadays, there is a dog who makes a person happy because humans have made different types of species of this type. Currently the most popular dog breed in the United States is the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever is another.

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